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Tired of paying for ads in hopes of getting customers’ attention? Pay your customers – and they are yours!
ContyAds uses the phenomenon of direct contact between an advertiser and a potential client, due to which the highest efficiency of information delivery is achieved! ContyAds is a large number of real people who are at their computers and are ready to watch your advertisement right now. These people are confident computer users, are interested in making money on the Internet, use electronic wallets, regularly shop online and actively participate in affiliate programs.

ContyAds will do everything to promote your project.

Why choose us?

Quality trafficThe traffic volume delivered by us is 100%.
Advertising on ContyAdsWe offer many advertising opportunities.
Affordable pricesQuality doesn’t have to cost a lot.
Language targetingYou can choose to show advertisement by language.
Advertisement launchCreate your advertisement campaign in a few clicks.

Additional income

Tired of watching advertisements for free?

On ContyAds, you have several ways to generate income from your personal actions, as well as from the actions of your partner structure.


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