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Welcome to the first Market Network, built upon the block chain with the combined power of LinkedIn, Marketo, and Amazon.

  • Secure NewsfeedShare your updates globally, locally, friends or as directed. Filter your Newsfeed according to your specifics.
  • Infinity AirdropEvery new membership receives a valuable set of coins to begin their membership in the Hive. Coin can be earned daily.
  • Social CRMPublish out to your social networks from Markethive’s blog casting platform. Members can subscribe to each other’s blogs.
  • Global ProfilePublish your updates, resume, bio, blogs, back links, videos and images to whomever you set your privileges to.
  • Auto RespondersSet up auto responders and broadcast to your friends, associates and leads with a guaranteed inbox delivery above 97%.
  • State of the Art FunnelsNew tech funnels combined with integrated landing store fronts deliver leads and integration 100 times more effective.
  • Store FrontsBuild custom groups store fronts as landing pages, shopping systems, recruiting platforms and Points of Sale.

About Markethive

Markethive is recognized as the next phase having evolved from Social Networks. This is the next generation: Market Network. Built on the blockchain, it provides security, privacy to the entrepreneur; offers a fluid, collaborative culture that is a decentralized, autonomous environment which creates intellectual achievements, social habits, innovation, music, literature, technology, and commerce. This provides a social environment complete with all the inbound marketing tools of the latest technology, that champions the rise of the Entrepreneur.

Markethive is self-governing and sovereign by design. Our culture is not fixed, rather it’s founded by, built by, built for, run by and used by entrepreneurs. Markethive, a Market Network and Social Network combined, is the evolution of Internet communities incorporating commerce and secure portals for transactions. We combine the scalable network effects of LinkedIn or Facebook with lucrative revenue models of SaaS & marketplace hubs like Ebay and Amazon. Vertical platforms like freelancers and coin exchange, are also a collaboration niche for commercial artists, writers, voice & video services.

Markethive creates a social network and a “Universal Income” made exclusively for entrepreneurs. Integrated with state of the art blockchain, cryptocurrency and inbound marketing technology. The norm of allowing social platforms to use your activities, content and conversations for their benefit is over. Your voice is yours and yours alone and you should benefit from it.

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