How to Earn Money Daily 6000 PKR – Withdrawal Via Jazzcash Easypaisa Bank

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Earnit is an online earning platform where you can earn money by simply making referrals.

Terms and Conditions

We periodically update our terms to ensure their consistency with our policies and allow for addition of new features and continued improvement of our advertisement and publishing products as effective and useful as possible

Official Words

  • EARNIT stands for the company where any one can invest and earn money online.
  • User stands for investor.
  • Dollar rate is fixed to 150 PKR.
  • Team stands for the sum of first and second line referrals.
  • Capital amount stands for the amount of 7$ paid by user to the company.

Terms and Conditions

  • Interaction between company and user is connected via earnit platform (online resource) located at
  • The minimum amount of investment is 7$.(1$ PRICE 150 PKR)
  • Every paid amount by user to EARNIT will be refunded in any case of loss and disaster.
  • User income and prizes depend on first line referrals and second line referrals.
  • User will get 1$ on each referral in the first line and 0.25$ in the second line as commission.
  • User will get prize of 40$ on 50 team referrals.
  • User will get prize of 80$ on 100 team referrals.
  • User will get prize of 150$ or a mobile phone on 200 team referrals.
  • User will get prize of 250$ or 70cc brand new bike on 500 team referrals.
  • User will get prize of 500$ or 125cc brand new bike on 1000 team referrals.
  • User will get prize of 2500$ 0r 650 cc car on 5000 team referrals.
  • User will get prize of 5000$ or 800cc brand new car on 10000 team referrals.
  • There is also a bumper offer based on the lucky draw
  • User can withdraw his/her bonus whenever he/she wants.
  • Any amount withdrawn by users will be paid in three to six working hours.
  • The user can withdraw his/her capital amount after 40 days.
  • After withdrawal of the capital amount the account of the user will be blocked from the system and will not get any of the referral amount or prizes.
  • Office timing for calls or any query is between 10am to 3pm.



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