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To start your online job on 2captcha you need a computer with keyboard or a smartphone.

Register an account on our website, then hit “Start work” at the top.

You will pass a short training that will guide you on captcha solving process and when training is complete you will start to earn money solving captchas.

There are people who need to solve many captchas to complete different tasks. They can pay some small amounts for solving captchas because it helps them to save their time.

And there are people who can earn some funds online for solving captchas (Workers).

Our service is made to connect customers and workers. We get captchas from customers and distribute them to workers.

Our rates are flexible and depend on total amount of captchas submitted by customers, total number of workers online and complexity of captchas.

Rate for normal captchas is between $0.25-$0.60 per 1000.

Rate for ReCaptcha V2 that can be solved when you use our software is fixed to $1 per 1000.
Rate for each captcha is shown on your screen near the captcha.

Reputation shown how many captchas you solved totally. You get 1 reputation point for every 1000 captchas you solve.
Reputation doesn’t affect the rate, complexity or speed of captcha. You can’t withdraw your reputation – it’s not funds, it’s just a number of captchas solved.

You can use your referral link to invite your friends to our service and you will get 10% of their earnings. More info on our referral program you can find in referral section

Our training shows how to solve different type of captchas. Usually you have to type the text from the image, click on squares with some objects or type numbers of such squares.
You always can pass the training again – just click here and hit “Start over” button.

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