How to Earn Money Daily 1500 PKR by Playing Game |Live Payment Proof

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Photon Poker – Earn Free LTC

This is game of poker solitaire.

You place 25 cards on a 5×5 grid. Once a card is placed the cards cannot be moved or changed.

Each column and row is scored as a poker hand. The goal is to get maximum score for all 10 hands.

Play against AI to see if you can score higher than it.

Tap on the AI icon or Player icon in the game screen to switch views.

— To earn Litecoin ( Photons ) —
1. Tap on wallet and register / enter your Coinbase account.
2. Play the game and earn at least 100 litoshis (nano Litecoin).
3. Claim Litecoin every 3 days.


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