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The first crypto advertising network in the market

Pay for the share of targeted traffic and useful actions

Let it grow!

Boost you affiliate profit

HTML code embed for any website or app

Earn up to 10% of your referrals

Manual moderation of each advertisement

Get more paying customers

3 model of advertising: CPD, CPA and CPM

We respect privacy of network users

Pay through different cryptocurrencies

A-ADS (former Anonymous Ads) is the oldest Bitcoin advertising network on the Internet.

In 2011 we came up with the idea of showing bitcoin based ads — and we were among the first to trade traffic for cryptocurrency.

We value our reputation and adhere to the principles of transparency and anonymity.

That is why you can earn cryptocurrency or promote your business with us staying anonymous.

We don’t buy traffic ourselves neither pay per click.

Most of our advertisers spend fixed daily budgets to get traffic from our publishers, but we also operate as a bitcoin CPA network which works best for advertisers who can integrate with our API.

We believe in a clean, safe and free Internet and we want to make it better, so we serve only unobtrusive ads:

No cookies, no pop ups, no JavaScript.

Provide a simple, privacy focused, online advertising platform funded with crypto-currencies
Establish the premier global advertising marketplace, as a gateway to the cryptocurrency economy for B2B, B2C, and C2C.
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