Get Paid Dollars With Us Not Cents

Get Paid Dollars With Us! Not Cents!

Unique Paid To Click Platform With Most Generous Paid Ads Available. Starting From $0.02 Per Daily Ads And It Only Goes Higher!!!

Why Choose Us

Unique business plan makes it possible to our clients the highest advertisement view rewards with the best results for our advertisers while keeping in mind platform stability and longevity. More then 10 years of input lead to a point where we are able to offer best results for everyone, including program management.

Cheap Upgrades

Members can upgrade dead cheap, starting just $5.10 per month!

Highest Rates

Daily ads starting from $0.02 per Ad for free members and it only gets better!

Member Loans

That’s right! Don’t have funds to invest, no problem. Our members will loan you funds!

Registration is free and fast. Hit Sign Up button at the top navigation, fill short form and submit. That’s all, you’re done, you can now access main members panel.
We work with payeer for the moment. Depositing funds can be made via program form only. Note! We do not require users to deposit funds from external processors. We are free program!
Here, at Linxium we use so called contribution module. That means among other requirements, like – minimum amount you can withdraw and days between withdrawals, we in addition have one more requirement for withdraw requests. In the first place, we provide all earnings for our users and do not ask any external deposits to complete any of our requirements! For every dollar you would like to withdraw we require 1 profit pack, profit packs are available to purchase and each pack generates profit for their holders. Price is $0.70 per profit pack and they generate $1.00 in total so even if we require users to have profit packs while requesting their withdrawals we at the same time pay them to have profit packs. In simplified version: Buy packs, make profit from them and then get rid of them when requesting your withdrawal. Simple and honest. First Minimum withdrawal amount if $2.00. it will increase by another $2.00 with every paid request. Withdrawals can be requested every 5 days for all users of any membership level. This has been done for single purpose: to increase users interactions with program. From our rich experience we know that the more involved users are in program, the more successful program will become.
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