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ESFaucet is a Multi-crypto faucet in which you decide how often to claim.

Most faucets will allow you to claim once in a while. We are different, with us, you may decide how often you would like to claim*. With every minute, every hour that passes, your claimable crypto amount fills up in our faucet. The initial increase being a lot faster and then slowing down over time until you make a claim.
Daily Bonus, and an extra bonus for Collecting ES COIN! * Minimum 5 minutes between claims per account/IP address

Our mission is simple, we are crypto enthusiasts, and we are trying to get more and more cryptocurrencies out there, into the hands of the people. Increasing the crypto userbase. Supporting many different cryptocurrencies makes our mission more easily approachable.

Help us spread cryptocurrency to every corner of the world by starting now!

Mobile Apps

We have a complete set of Android applications (iOS soon to come) to provide an easier, faster and more friendly user interface.

Simply download the apks onto your phone following the simple guide and easily access ESFaucets on the go.

We also offer Games on the Google Play store, which you can also use to earn cryptocurrency. The games reward cryptocurrency depending on the amount of points you score.

BTCNewz, another service from us, will help you keep upto date with all the latest cryptocurrency news and prices with the live tracker and live price updates. It also offers a blockfolio which you can use to monitor your holdings. BTCNewz is available as a website and will soon be available as an Android application.


You can use our Crypto Miner to mine crypto in the background while you do nothing. We utilized an algorithim that will get you the highest hash power, even on low threads, just so you can mine on any device with excellent hash power.

Mining ES-Coins is an easy and passive way to earn relatively larger amounts in a shorter period of time. You get paid according to your hashes which get accepted. Just leave the miner running and continue your daily routine while earning passively.


Hey so these are the steps you take to purchase ESCoin using Coinbase:

Goto Marketplace

Click on the amount of coin you want to buy, it will give you this screen to enter your email:

Enter your ESFaucet Email here

If you are already logged into coinbase it should connect, if not please logged in and once you are you should see this screen:

The coin it accepts are : BTC, BCH, DAI, ETH, LTC, USDC.

You just make the payment and that is it your escoin should appear in your account as soon as the payment clears.

Incase your escoin did not appear instantly, please make sure the transactions have confirmed and you entered the email that is linked to your esfaucet account. With any issues contact support.

And thats it, you should be able to go back to marketplace and purchase escoins


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