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Block Space – Provide Latest Brief and Hottest News

Block Space is a blockchain news app. Users can obtain the latest brief and hottest news in the industry, and get known of market conditions.

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  • Hive APP – A Blockchain Entrance Based on GSC
    Hive APP is an entrance connecting the Internet and digital currency,providing easy access for valuable APPs to the chain, Hive can provide convenient digital currency applications, transactions, and storage services.
    Multi-chain wallet, easy access to digital asset management
    Cloud wallet & HD wallet one-click switch,support multiple smart contract blockchian. Supported by top systematic traders,Hive APP provides multi-coin deposit and interest lending services, users can easily manage digital assets.
    Cross-chain transaction, one-click conversion of assets
    One-click switch of the assets based on Global Social Chain & other blockchains, tradng blockchain assets easily.
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