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Earn Bitcoin For Viewing Websites

Welcome to AdBit

AdBit is an advertising platform that allows you to get bitcoin for free. Our tools and solutions are designed to increase your income for viewing web pages. Internet advertising is evolving and now you have the right to get paid for it! Join us now and get your free bitcoin.


  • 300 Satoshi per click
  • 10% from you referral surfing!
  • 5% of referral spending!
  • Instant payment to your Bitcoin wallet


  • Targeted REAL bitcoin users
  • Language targeting
  • Multiple advertising methods
  • Advanced security systems
  • Low minimum deposit to start your advertisement
How to Register here?
Registration is simple, you just need to follow the registration link, complete the details required and in less than 2 minutes you will have your account up and going.
How much can i earn?
You can earn unlimited amount of money from your referrals and your daily clicks.
Are payments instant?
Yes. All incoming and outgoing payments in AdBit is performed instantly. You just need to wait for Bitcoin confirmations.
What is the minimum withdrawal?
Minimum Bitcoin withdraw is 30000 Satoshi or BTC 0.00030000
Any Fees to withdraw?
We charge absolutely 0% for withdraws. However, you must pay the Bitcoin network fees.
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