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Terms of use

Guarantees and responsibility

CoinSpeedy is not responsible for the potential (real or imaginary) losses related to the use of this site.


Advertising with permissible but potentially objectionable content can be appropriately labeled, and malicious and illegal advertising – blocked. At any time, any advertising can be locked by service. Unspent campaign money can be returned, but it is not guaranteed. In case of advertiser suspicion of malice, money is not returned.


You can not use any kind of surfing authomation (script or software), public or private proxy/VPN services while surfing ads.


You should specify a valid email address while registering. You can not create more than one account (it is also forbidden to log into different accounts from one device). Failure to follow this rule is all accounts suspension without refund. It is forbidden to place the referral link in invisible frames, etc., the window with the adBTC site should be visible. If you violate this rule, the referral program will be blocked for you.


This document (as well as any other documents of this site) may be changed at any time without prior notice.

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  • We have 3 ways to let you earn hourly here, you can earn by viewing window ads, viewing active ads and also by faucet ads…
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