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What is a Captcha?

For those who aren’t familiar CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Created to differentiate actions of a human users from computer generated actions.

It is basically a question generated that cannot be understand by computer automations, it needs human understanding to correctly answer the question. Mostly these are images show in authenticaions such as login forms, registration forms and etc.

On top of the security it provides to companies or application in the online world, it also provides a wall from spammers in the comment sections on blogs or posts as it makes sure that the user is a true human.

In some other cases Captcha is also used in online polls in other to secure a fair and unique votes buy recording and validating some data including IP addresses. It helps prevent same user from voting.

That is why everywhere in the internet how you can see or experience answering some captcha questions or test. So from now on you don’t need to wonder about it.



Cuptsa is a better alternative

The primary goal of Cuptsa is to provide a better alternative way to convert your efforts from solve captchas in to real cash.

We have carefully check other captcha solving site that provides option to gain income but they require investments from you pockets but with Cuptsa we made sure that you will not getting out cash from your pockets. Cuptsa also made it unlimited to make it more easier for you to enjoy your efforts in solving captcha.

As we all know computers also need to understand what people answers from the captcha thats why we need solvers to create a whole database from it. And to make it more fun we give you rewards upon solving each captcha.

And what makes cuptsa good is that you can do the solving whenever or whatever time you are vacant. So we are hoping to deliver a good service for you and to all the individuals who are fun of doing things in their past times and be surprised with rewards.

How to effectively earn points in Cuptsa?

Gathering points from solving captcha is also one of the main feature we added in this application which is unlimitedly acquired by any users to be converted to rewards if you already have enough.

This application is free and unlimited so please be informed that there is a 90 seconds interval upon which you got a correct captcha answer.

Gathering points with Cuptsa is super easy and fun. Below are the top ways to make your points go higher.

1. Get points by solving captchas.

Solving captcha is the primary goal we want to implement in this application. And this is also the best way to earn your points. Remember this is unlimited with a 60 seconds interval if you have correct answer.

2. Get points by referrals.

Referring this application to your friends, family, loved ones, office mates or anyone as long as he or she is a human you will get exciting reward points.


Our Features

Captsa solving

Solve captchas for fun and make your points grow.


Earn by just answering. Surveys are Coming soon!

Referral Commision and Bonus

Get rewards on top of your solving points by referring.

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