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Why is the APY so high?

YIELD.CLAIMS follows a pretty smart strategy of locking funds withdrawals until the end of the final staking day which is scheduled for [XX] October 2020. Since the minting process is only called upon by staking and claiming rewards, the APY will inevitably grow up as more people join, boosted by the price dynamics when more YIELD tokens are purchased from the market. Additionally, with the help of the unique minting technique, each new token has a real value in ETH with an equal price ratio. Hence, YIELD rewards are based on ETH correlation. APY you receive will decrease if YIELD price goes down or YIELD reward cuts back.

When can

Your Idle Assets Put To Work

Yield.Global is a community-driven protocol designed to innovate the DeFi and yield farming sphere. The underlying principles and technology allow users to operate their cryptocurrency finances in a fair and secure way


If you have cryptocurrency laying idle in your wallet, consider depositing it to our staking pools – earning passive income for the whole time they remain staked.


Providing liquidity to our pools will allow you to earn passive income at high-interest rates. Will be active soon.


Borrowing on Yield.Global grants you access to a wide variety of loans. From stablecoins to highly volatile food-currencies.


Provide your assets to borrowers using the Yield.Global protocol and earn passive income off of your loans.


We’re helping projects, that have real value by promoting them and assisting in building their platform. Only real-world utility allows the industry to grow.


If you’re too drawn aback by the possible risks, we’re offering an optional insurance program – risk mitigation & assurance that your funds won’t be lost

How do I Stake on Yield.Claims?


Go to the Yield.Claims website.


Click on the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right corner to connect your Metamask wallet.


Once done, enter the amount of ETH you want to add to the liquidity pool in the Stake field.


Confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet.


Once the liquidity is added, you will be earning YIELD tokens.

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