Claim 0.009 BTC EVERY HOUR – New High Paying BTC Earning Site 2021


Faucetbit is a modern platform that allows you to collect FREE bitcoins and grow your bitcoins with exciting games based on secure, safe and fair technologies.


Join the most complex, secure and paying Bitcoin faucet site and earn thousands of Satoshis every day.


Earn FREE Satoshi based on level. Reward up to 200000 Satoshis


Earn 50% of whatever your referrals claim free bitcoin and 0.4% every time they place a bet

Instant Withdraw

We support withdrawals directly to your wallet.

Multiply bitcoin

100% Provably Fair Game. Just play and watch your bitcoin grow


Most frequently asked questions are here. If you can’t find the answer you need on this page, please use the contact us form to contact our customer service team.

  •  What is faucetbit?

    Faucetbit is a flexible and easy-to-use platform which allows you to earn free bitcoins. You can earn free bitcoin on the faucet feature without doing any tasks. You can also multiply your bitcoins many times with exciting games fully supported by the provably fair technique. Faucet bit is suitable for both newcomers to bitcoin and professional bitcoin earners.

  •  How can I earn bitcoins with Faucetbit?

    Using the faucet feature. Here you can collect bitcoins every bit of time without doing any task. The amount of bitcoins you earn each time is randomized up to 200,000 Satoshis based on roll result and the roll number table. The waiting time between each claim depends on your level.More information please login and visit faucet page.

    Playing game. You can multiply your bitcoins with games. These games are completely fair and you can always confirm the results with the available verify tool.

    Joining the marketing program and receive a commission. All users can join our affiliate program by referring friends to join Faucetbit. You will receive 50% commission every time your friends claim faucet or 0.4% every time they place a bet.

  •  How to earn giftcard?

    Giftcode will be given to top users on promotional occasions. Invite your friends to join you and earn free bitcoins today.

  •  How to deposit?

    It’s easy. Just click dropdown menu on the top-right of screen then choose “Wallet”. We do not require a minimum deposit. You can send as many bitcoins as you want to bitcoin wallet address shown on the screen. Your deposit will be accepted as soon as there are at least 2 confirmations.

  •  How to withdraw?

    It’s easy. Just click dropdown menu on the top-right of screen then choose “Wallet”-> ‘Withdraw’ section. Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.00030000 BTC and no maximum withdrawal.

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